Magistrate attacker attacks sentence

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Magistrate attacker attacks sentence

A convicted drug dealer, who attacked and assaulted a magistrate during court proceedings in the Keetmanshoop Magistrate’s Court this year, is appealing his sentence on the drug charges.

Michael Jossop filed an appeal with the High Court, claiming his three-year sentence is harsh.

He was convicted by magistrate Unchen Konjore on a charge of drug dealing, and was acquitted on a drug possession count.

He was found transporting 2.14 kilogrammes of cannabis, worth N$21 400.

On 12 February, Konjore said it would not be prudent to give Jossop a fine, as he has a previous conviction from 2021 related to drugs.

“To impose a fine in a case of this nature might create the wrong impression that the offence is not at all serious, and it makes it financially worth taking a chance,” she said. 

As such, it is only fair for Jossop to serve his full sentence, she said at the time.

In his appeal, he claims the court proceedings were not in accordance with justice, as he was unfairly convicted and sentenced without an option to pay a fine.

He said the court failed to consider he is a father of four, three of whom are minors. 

According to him, he derives his income to support his family from the two taxis and a tuck shop he owns. 

“I would like this honourable High Court to review this matter, determine the relevant factors and circumstances and also balance the interest of the public, the interest of justice and the interest of the accused, as the accused/offender is only having [sic] one previous conviction,” Jossop argues in his appeal.

Magistrate beater

The accused made headlines earlier this year when he, right after his sentence, attacked and assaulted Konjore.

It is alleged that Jossop, who was not happy with his sentence, jumped over from the accused dock to where the presiding officer was seated, and struck her with his fist in the face.

For that, he faces a charge of assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

His appeal case will be in court on 19 June before Judge Hosea Angula.