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Making maths fun 

Mathematics requires one to follow formulas and once you know those steps, then you know it for life.

This is the sentiment of Linus Tushiningeni Sakeus, who wrote mathematics workbooks for grades 4 and 5 to assist learners in learning the subject easily.

He told Youth Corner that the workbooks were written in alignment with the syllabi provided by the education ministry. Sakeus (29) graduated from university in 2015 and now teaches Mathematics and Integrated Natural Sciences at the Kornelius Combined School in the Ondobe circuit of the Ohangwena region.

He felt the need to write the workbooks for local people to use locally produced books that are simplified to the level that they will be able to easily comprehend.

“It is simplified to the level that it can be used by both learners, teachers, and parents/guardians and it is a self-study-guide. It is sort of a ‘Mathematics made easy’ book. It contains several examples and activities that may help both teachers and learners produce desired results,” he explained.

Sakeus said it was easy to compile the workbooks, as he knows the learning paces and abilities of learners, as well as the weaknesses and strengths of teachers.

“Mathematics is perceived as one of the most challenging and difficult subjects but if learners get to understand it from the lower grades, such as grade 4, I am sure they will smoothly progress throughout their academic life and become Namibia’s developers in future,” he said.

He added that he always has the energy to try to understand mathematics and can easily transfer that knowledge to others.         

Sakeus advised those struggling with mathematics and other life issues to never give up, as each person has unique abilities and interests. “It always feels good when you do something that you love, something that makes you happy, something that gives you peace because you do not force yourself to do it but you do it with all your heart.”

He is planning on also writing a mathematics workbook for grades 6 and 7.

Sakeus has also written a novel titled ‘The Anamnesis’ and a book on poems titled ‘The Comeuppance’. Both are yet to be released.

The workbooks are available for N$300. Sakeus can be reached on Twitter: @Shokulu_Wetu_7, Facebook: Shokulu Wetu or Instagram: shokulu_wetu