Man fined for carrying dagga to court

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A 42-year-old Oshakati man, who was arrested on Monday for carrying dagga into the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court, was slapped with a N$1 000 fine or alternatively one month in prison.

Lamba George was arrested on the spot on Monday after police searched him at the court’s entrance and found him with less than a gram of the prohibited substance worth N$3.

The remorseful George pleaded guilty when he made his first appearance at the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court on Monday and promised the court never to deal with drugs.

His legal rights were explained.

“My Lord, I am deeply sorry for the offence that I have committed and I promise this court never to use drugs,” George informed the court.George also pleaded with the court to give him a lenient sentence and in mitigation said he is a sole breadwinner.

“My Lord, I have children who are now with their grandmother and I am the one who provides bread for them because their mother is in Walvis Bay,” related George.

Before passing the sentence, Magistrate Helena Ekandjo informed the accused that the court took cognisance of the fact he was remorseful and a first offender.

Ekandjo further said that although the accused was remorseful, the court also took into consideration the issue of substance abuse – which is prevalent in the district of Oshakati.

Prosecutor Petrine Hango represented the State.