Man goes on trial for brother’s death

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A 30-year-old Windhoek resident went on trial in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court for the death of his brother who died from a stab wound to the abdomen nearly two years ago.

Immanuel Nepela, who appeared before magistrate Surita Savage when his trial began yesterday, took a no guilty plea to the charge of murder. 
Nepela is standing trial after the prosecutor general decided to prosecute him for the death of his older brother, Salatiel Nghiyolwa (33). The prosecution is charging that on 19 June 2018, Nepela unlawfully and intentionally killed his brother Nghiyolwa when he fatally stabbed him. According to Soini Nghiyolwa, sister to the accused and deceased, she testified that Nghiyolwa who is a taxi driver took firewood the previous week to Nepela for his grilled meat business. 
The agreement was that Nepela would give Nghiyolwa N$20 later in the day for the firewood.

Later on, the brothers got into the argument over the payment of the wood. It is alleged that Nepela then pushed and overpowered Nghiyolwa who dislocated his arm and strangled him which caused him to pass out for some time. 

It was the sister’s testimony that the accused, who was panicking, called her to relate the ordeal but at the same time, deceased had regained consciousness.
However, the argument allegedly continued the following day and family members suggested that the brothers should be separated. 
It was the family’s decision that Nepela should move out of their shared shack. Furthermore, they suggested that Nepela should go to the north, an order he allegedly refused. One of the State witnesses allegedly saw Nepela later that night crying while following the main road in the location. 
He was allegedly holding a blood-stained knife saying that he had just killed his brother.

According to the autopsy report, two stab wounds were observed on the deceased’s body. The report concluded that the deceased died from excessive bleeding and hypovolemic shock, which was caused by the stab wound to the abdomen. The trial is set to continue on 29 September. The court extended the accused bail of N$1 500 until his scheduled appearance in court.