Man hijacks taxi to save friend’s life

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Man hijacks taxi to save friend’s life

WALVIS BAY – An act of kindness has landed two men from Swakopmund in hot water as they now have to face the consequences of the law. 

A man allegedly hijacked a Nissan Note taxi on Friday evening in the DRC informal settlement around 23h36, after his friend Benedict Aubeb (22) got stabbed in the neck and bled profusely. According to Inspector Ileni Shapumba, Aubeb was part of a group of guys who had a disagreement over a stolen cell phone. 

As a result, the cell phone owner allegedly stabbed Aubeb in the left side of the neck with an unknown sharp object. “The friend stopped the taxi to take Aubeb to the hospital but the taxi driver refused to render assistance.

The victim’s friend then allegedly threatened the taxi driver with a knife and threw him out of the taxi, load the victim into the taxi, and drove in the direction of the Swakopmund state hospital,” Shapumba explained. He said the police that was on patrol came across the taxi driver who narrated the incident to them. 

The police allegedly chased the taxi.  The suspect allegedly abandoned the vehicle and his friend when he realised that the police are about to catch up with him. In the end, the taxi driver took the victim to the hospital where he is currently being treated.  

The taxi driver has since opened a robbery case against the victim’s friend. The stabbing suspect was arrested and will appear before court in Swakopmund tomorrow.