Manwu signs recognition agreement

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By John Muyamba

RUNDU – The Metal & Allied Namibian Workers Union (Manwu) in Rundu yesterday signed a recognition agreement with Kavango Service Station, which is a new filling station in the town.

The service station has 50 full-time employees of whom 35 are Manwu members.

Manwu regional coordinator for Kavango East and Kavango West, Richard Matengu, said the signing of the agreement would enable workers to negotiate their salaries every year on 1 July, and authorises Manwu to assess the premises and police other rights listed in the agreement.

Matengu commended the employer for allowing his employees their right to bargain.

“We are signing a recognition agreement, meaning we are bargaining now on behalf of the workers. We have a 50-plus one majority in the company and are looking forward to work together,” said Matengu.

“I’m happy to welcome the union in the business, and the good thing is that the union will  protect both sides – not only the workers. We will work together to resolve problems. I also need the union to educate my employees on what is good and bad,” said Micke Johannes du Preez the service station owner.

Absalom Jeremias, one of the supervisors at the service station said he was happy.

 “Now we feel safe and protected,” said Jeremias.

The service station has been operational for the past three months.