Masked rapist threatens to behead baby

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An armed man raped and threatened to kill all his three victims and chop off a baby’s head if they screamed for help during their ordeal at Okapyakambidhi in Omusati Region last Friday.

The incident happened on Friday night in Ogongo Constituency. The police regional spokesperson of Omusati, Warrant Officer Lineekela Shikongo, said the unknown suspect was armed with a club, a pocket knife and a panga, and threatened to beat his three victims to death.

The suspect was allegedly wearing a balaclava which covered his face as well as a long, black jacket.

The victims were about to lock the shack from inside when the suspect stormed in.
The victims are a 24-year-old woman from Okapyakambidhi village, a 15-year-old from Okapyakambidhi village who is in Grade 5 at Okapya and a 14-year-old Grade 6 learner at Okapya Primary School.

Shikongo said the man stormed in and threatened to kill them all if they screamed for help.
“He then allegedly told them that he was sent by his boss to bring him the heads, breasts and vaginas of people. He then said he would spare them if they all had sexual intercourse with him,” said Shikongo.

The police regional spokesperson added that the suspect then threatened to cut off the head of a two-month-old baby that was also in the room if they resisted his sexual demands.
Thereafter, it is said, he instructed them to remove their clothes, and had sexual intercourse with them, one after the other.

It is further said that while having sex with one victim, the other two were forced to cover their heads with a blanket.
“After finishing with them, he purportedly robbed them of N$130 as well as an Alcatel cellular phone valued at N$600 before he disappeared into the night,” said Shikongo.
No arrest has been made and police investigations continue.

In a separate incident, a 30-year-old woman from Ombeetele location, Iingapanda village near Ogongo was allegedly raped by a 29-year-old man while she was on her way home from a cuca shop.
It is reported the suspect approached the victim. He kicked her and when she fell he instructed her to remove her baby that she was carrying on her back as well as her clothes and further threatened to beat her to death if she screamed.

He then had sexual intercourse with her without her consent.
The victim was later treated at Okahao District Hospital.

The suspect was arrested on Saturday and was expected to appear in the Okahao Magistrate’s Court yesterday. He is from Epangu village near Okahao.
Shikongo confirmed the report.