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Miss Petite Global crowned

Jaenique Swartz


The absorbing world of fashion and pageantry will never run out of pearls to find, and Bobby Kaanjosa is at the forefront of introducing countless Namibian beauties through his beauty school, Walk by Bobby Kaanjosa. 

Kanjoosa’s effort has allowed various young ladies to show off their skills while battling a variety of vital humanitarian problems. 

Miss Petite Global is an international pageant platform dedicated to providing women with a voice and a platform to express themselves on issues that are important to them.

Esperanza Martins, a 21-year-old accounting student at the University of Namibia, took home the crown at the ceremony held late last week. 

The beauty stated that winning meant she embodied all the true values associated with the Miss Petite Global pageantry. 

This was Martins’ first pageant win, and she emphasises that she had a lot of work ahead of her in terms of preparation and honing her already existing skills; not only does she find herself balancing spread sheets, but the aspiring accountant turned beauty queen is also a part-time hairstylist who aspires to reveal the beauty of underprivileged girls.

 “I would like to focus my year on skills transfer, I want to educate young women on the skills of hair dressing combined with entrepreneurial workshops where I aim to partner up with vocational training facilities to aid young women who did not complete school or lack financial support,” she said. 

Martins intends to educate the audience that pageantry is more than just strutting one’s stuff, but rather about providing a platform for women to learn how to embody confidence and self-love. 

“I abide by the concept that if not you, who? As a result, I want young ladies to understand that they must seize opportunities that come their way; otherwise, no one will do it for them,” she said.

She also advised her peers not to wait for the proper time because it does not exist, saying, “The time is now; do not let any opportunity pass you by because everything is there to teach you something.” 

Kanjoosa hopes that his franchise will receive the support it needs to give so many additional young girls and women the opportunity to compete on the same level as Miss Namibia or Miss Supranational. 

He moreover expressed his thanks for the opportunity to organise Miss Petite Global, saying he has been sending models to international stages since 2014 and will be alongside Martins as she struts the runway in Malaysia this May.