Money doesn’t necessarily make the world go round

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Windhoek-The old saying that money makes the world go round isn’t necessarily applicable to all situations, a local bank said.

“At Nedbank, our perspective is that money managed well can make a real difference to all of our lives and this is in line with our new brand positioning ‘See Money Differently’,” said Nedbank Managing Director, Lionel Matthews.

“The essence of the new positioning speaks of our renewed commitment to do good for individuals, families, businesses and society,” he explained.

Systematically, Nedbank has been working on increasing the efficiencies of its processes during recent times, with a single-minded focus on creating the best banking experience in the country.

One such milestone, the banks says, was the implementation of a new core banking system, Flexcube, which allows for greater flexibility in product offering and enables the bank to tailor solutions to client needs.

“Change is necessary,” added Matthews. “
“Client expectations from banking institutions globally and locally have changed and people expect a first rate, modern and client-centric banking experience at every point of engagement. Our new banking system enables us to remain relevant and future-proof, and with sophisticated tweaking, gives us the flexibility to provide a world class banking service.

From individuals looking for a smooth and mobile banking experience to larger businesses, looking to seamlessly leverage our banking network across the African continent, all is possible with our rejuvenation. Indeed, the future for Nedbank clients looks particularly bright.”

He adds that considering some lingering perceptions of the bank as being quite elitist and exclusive, Nedbank Namibia is out to prove that the opposite is actually true, as their repositioning is reflective of their recent growth and maturity, whilst showcasing the continuous evolution of transforming it into a bank that caters for all Namibians.

“Nedbank is a healthy and growing brand. However, to offer more clients the experience of unrivalled banking convenience, we saw an opportunity to revitalise the brand to reflect some of the business changes already in place. It was never just about changing the logo and the corporate identity, it’s about changing the client experience,” said Matthews.

Changing the client experience, according to Matthews, started internally with Nedbank staff because they are the ultimate ambassadors of the Nedbank brand. “Our research shows that our clients want a bank that is trustworthy and offers a good range of products and services that provide value for money. They also want friendly and knowledgeable staff, who are quick to respond with specialized expertise. The new positioning is proving to be a real opportunity for us to instill a renewed sense of service among our staff. We are taking our more than 700 staff members on this transformational journey and equipping them to be ‘Money Experts who Do Good’, said Matthews.

Nedbank has consistently been rated as the best customer service bank in Namibia and has always been good at using their financial expertise to help their clients achieve their dreams and aspirations.

“Now we have improved our technology to accelerate and assist our clients to manage their money such that it can make a real difference to their lives. The change and advanced technology is also gearing us to be able to handle future challenges and with this we pledge our commitment to continuous improvement. We’re passionate in demonstrating how our bank is an enabler of economic growth, committed to empower clients in building financial fitness and achieving their aspirations,” said Matthews.

He concluded: “Based on the insight that money well managed can make a positive difference to individuals, businesses and communities, we are choosing to challenge and inspire our clients and the public at large to ‘See Money Differently’. We’ve been hard at work in creating a world class brand which draws its power and distinctive beauty from Africa, so take another look at Nedbank.”