More to a radio DJ than just jokes, music

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WINDHOEK-Local entertainer and award winning radio DJ, Lukas Nambala aka DJ Nambalakats, says there is more to being a radio DJ, then making jokes on air and playing fine music tunes for listeners. 

Although what comes instantly to mind is someone spinning discs in front of a huge crowd when the word ‘Disc Jockey (DJ)’ comes to mind, be it at a festival, dance club or at a music event, however radio DJs are a bit different. Nevertheless, this does not mean that being a radio DJ is any less “cool”. In fact, radio hosting is one of the oldest forms of DJing. 

The Best Radio DJ of 2017 at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs), DJ Nambalakats says a radio DJ is also there to educate, inform and entertain listeners with different music, and discussions on topics that are trending. “To be a radio presenter is not an easy job, especially when you go on air without preparing and end up making blunders.  I have to make sure I prepare for my shows, and listeners know what I am talking about when I am presenting,” says DJ Nambalakats, adding that it’s also difficult being a radio DJ because one will receive lot of criticisms from listeners, good and bad. “I ignore the bad ones, but those that are trying to correct me where I am wrong, I listened to and appreciate their opinions.”

DJ Nambalakats says radio DJs learn to develop their own unique personality. “Since you are on the radio, you are playing a role in the community. You are a part of someone’s day. Why not try and give the listener the best experience ever!” Dj Nambalakats studied Journalism and Media Studies at Triumphant College. He discovered his passion for radio while very young. “During my childhood, I used to listen to the radio on a daily basis, and I was also a radio technician in the village. My mom used to destroy my radios because I never use to study but put all my time either listening or fixing radios,” explains he. 

Finding his ways into the industry, In 2007, DJ Nambalakats started to spin the discs at weddings, bars, while enjoying talking on the microphones and playing music.  “I am now six years in the industry and working at Omulunga Radio as a radio DJ and presenter. I do a late night show weekdays called, Shamtjakemo from ten o’clock in the evening (22h00) until one o’clock in the morning (01h00),” he says. Despite playing music requested by listeners, the show also aims to educate and inform the nation on different topics. 

“Winning the best Radio DJ in 2017, which means I am the last person so far to win this award, keeps me motivated to work hard as well. But it does not mean if I won this award I know everything, no, I like to be corrected so that I can achieve something again in my life,” says DJ Nambalakats. 

Currently he owns equipment for djing during the weekends at different events.  “I want to own a big sound system in my life and own my radio station in the future.”