Mother has her son jailed

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By Tunomukwathi Asino

WINDHOEK – Twenty-two-year old Robert Shikongo will spend a year and six months in jail for damaging property at his family’s house during a fight with his brother-in-law.

Magistrate Jermaine Muchali recently sentenced Shikongo to two years in prison, of which six months were suspended for three years on condition that he not be convicted of malicious damage to property during the period of suspension.

Shikongo faced a charge of malicious damage to property read with the Domestic Violence Act 4 of 2003.

On March 01 at their government house in Windhoek West, he damaged and destroyed three doors valued at N$4 000, five bulbs valued at N$135, a battery lamp valued at N$150 and a gas stove valued at N$3 500.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge.

“Society is the main purpose laws are created because they should be protected as well as their properties. Your mother and sister are part of society, their plea to this court is clear, they fear you and they wish for you to be punished through imprisonment because you are violent, you threaten them especially while under the influence of liquor and drugs,” said Magistrate Muchali.

Shikongo’s mother, Ndapandula Uhakana Shikongo, requested the court hand her son a sentence from which “he can learn something”.

The mother objected to her son getting a fine. “I will not accept it, he should be sent to prison. If he is given a fine, he will continue doing the same thing, damaging my properties,” she informed the court.

Prosecutor Verinao Kamahene during arguments before sentencing informed the court that the offence was serious.

“Even the accused’ demeanor shows he has tendencies of violent behaviour,” the prosecutor said.

He had requested a sentence of three years.