MTC kickstarts listing process

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WINDHOEK – Namibia’s leading ICT provider MTC has officially started its journey towards listing on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX). MTC will become the first state-owned enterprise to list on the NSX. 

According to MTC’s spokesperson Tim Ekandjo, the listing process will take approximately 15 months and will officially commence in June. “We expect to submit the listing application to the NSX in February 2020 and will announce the opening date for the public offer in March 2020.  The public offer is expected to close in June 2020 and we anticipate being formally listed on the NSX by July 2020, depending on regulatory approvals,” Ekandjo stated.  

MTC has appointed IJG Securities and PSG Wealth Management (Namibia) as sponsoring brokers for the listing project. 
MTC is required, due to a public regulatory ruling, to keep the nation and the public informed about the progress of the listing process. 

MTC’s listing decision has been motivated to achieve greater operational efficiency, transparency, enhanced operational visibility and enhanced liquidity.