MTC spends N$13 million on ads

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WINDHOEK – Leading mobile telecommunications company MTC spent over N$13 million in the last financial year on advertising.

This was confirmed by Tim Ekandjo, Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer of MTC, who justified the big spending on the innovation of MTC. “We always bring out new products to excite our customers and it is therefore of paramount importance that we make use of different communication mediums to get the message across to the 081-nation,” he said.  “We also understand the importance of advertising even though we know it can become expensive, but in our business marketing is key and that is why we go all out in this area,” he explained. Ekandjo added that the total investment of N$13 million was spread across TV, radio, magazines and newspapers, with the bulk, over N$6 million, going to the print media. “The print media, newspapers, are our biggest customers and we are happy with the quality and professionalism shown by them so far. We support all the newspapers equally and we do not favour one over the other, and we will continue to do so,” Ekandjo said.

MTC was the second mobile operator in Africa to introduce 4GLTE in May 2012. The company says its 3G HSDPA+ Network allows for a download speed of up to 7.2 Mbps in the country’s major towns. MTC further runs two modern MSC’s (mobile switching centres) in Windhoek and Oshakati with a capacity to accommodate the rapidly rising number of customers of over 2 million active users.

In May 2012, the company also launched its 4G technology – making it the second mobile operator on the continent to have 4G technologies.

MTC operates the only full service customer contact centre in Namibia dealing with service queries ranging from telephony, SMS, fax, GPRS, data, voicemail and 3G/HSDPA. A staff complement of 421 persons serves a diverse market of both pre- and post-paid subscribers.

Story by Staff Reporter