MTC unveils fibre internet and digital cloud

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CAPE TOWN – Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC), the country’s largest mobile operator, has launched a comprehensive fibre internet and digital Cloud computing service to spearhead digital transformation in the country.
MTC’s IT General Manager, Patrick Mushimba, speaking at the launch said this clearly reflected in the company’s slogan, which has evolved from “making the connection”, when this was at the initial stages of data mobility.
MTC anticipates the new services to be available as of March next year and would deliver secure and reliable business solutions to government, public and private enterprises.

MTC Namibia has collaborated with the Chinese global firm, Huawei to provide the services.
“This was at the stage when the 2G data adoption rate was at its peak as we observed a revolution of Namibia consumers first time experiencing internet through the mobile phone,” Mushimba said.

“Ever since we have matured, we move into the era of simply ‘make the connection’, emphasizing on the point that the connection has already been made and focusing on continuous data connectivity and higher speeds”. 
He added that this could be seen in the adoption of 3G and 4G, which are indicating an upward trend.
“Our consumers in Namibia want higher speeds and more data for their everyday use. And this is a demand we intend to meet,” he stated.

He said the broadband market in Namibia is currently dominated by mobile broadband and this has contributed to the MTC 4G broadband offering under the Netman brand.

“Plus a set of innovative packages that have seen users accessing data for as little as N$32 per GIG,” he added.
Mushimba said the company’s forecast is to continue seeing double-digit growth in the number of broadband users in Namibia.

He said the company’s strategy intent to support the government realise its ICT targets, among which are the NDP5, Harambee Prosperity Plan and Vision 2030.

Speaking at the same occasion, MTC board chairperson Elvis Nashilongo said rolling out the services with Huawei would enable MTC to maintain its position in the market.

“Our clients and customers will remain the winners as we are embarking upon another road of digital transformation, MTC will help enterprises deliver a successful digital transformation,” he said.

MTC Secure Cloud service is an additional range to the company’s products and services’ portfolio which will facilitate, manage and offer enterprises a smooth and shielded access to the digital space at an effective cost, officials said.