N$690m budget to drive Swakopmund’s growth

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N$690m budget to drive Swakopmund’s growth

SWAKOPMUND – The Swakopmund Municipal Council has tabled an ambitious budget plan for the 2024-2025 fiscal year, focusing on infrastructure development, housing and maintenance geared towards sustainable growth. 

The chairperson of the management committee Blasius Goraseb tabled the council’s budget, which totals N$690 million, on Wednesday evening.

The budget, comprising 84% operating and 16% capital expenditure, is set to drive significant growth and improvements in the town. The council has approved a capital budget of N$111.7 million and N$578.2 million for the operational budget.

Goraseb said the council’s key allocations include N$29.5 million for road and street infrastructure, N$19.3 million for bulk wastewater infrastructure, and N$19 million for design and construction. Additionally, N$18.9 million is earmarked for bulk water infrastructure, N$10.1 million for town planning and housing, N$6 million for beach development, N$4.7 million for solid waste management and N$980 000 for vehicles, machinery and equipment.

“This year’s budget priorities are designed with a clear focus on the main areas of expenditure that are pivotal to Swakopmund’s development, with the major areas that are crucial for any growth and development,” he said. 

These are not merely expenses, but investments in future services aimed at ensuring sustainable growth, enhanced quality of life and resilience in the face of future challenges for a very fast-growing town. Goraseb added that the budget also aims to enhance water infrastructure, with N$18 million allocated to improve water accessibility. This includes designing a water reservoir for various regions, and introducing pilot domestic prepaid water meters to promote financial inclusivity and effective water management.

“Urban planning is another priority. We allocated N$10 million for zoning and development projects to ensure environmentally-sustainable and economically-viable growth. This includes developing master plans, and establishing new townships in northern Swakopmund,” he said.

The budget allocates substantial funds towards salaries and wages (N$218 million), general expenditure (N$137 million), and social contributions (N$64.5 million). 

The current administration has paved a structured plan to identify potential socio-economic opportunities for enhancing the growth and development of Swakopmund, creating a vision to move towards sustainable growth in terms of the standard of living and environmental sustainability.

“Our mission is to make Swakopmund work by investing, on an unprecedented scale, in Swakopmund’s development,” he said.