Namibia before anything else… New diplomats get their rallying call

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WINDHOEK – President Hage Geingob told new ambassadors, high commissioners and permanent representatives-designate whom he commissioned at State House yesterday to promote, protect and place Namibia’s national interest above all else.  

President Geingob told heads of mission that the national interest of Namibia and the well-being of its people should be at the forefront and central to all their activities.  

Fourteen heads of mission were commissioned. They are Asser Kapere (Botswana), Clemens Kashuupulwa (Russia), Samuel /Goagoseb (Cuba), Patrick Nandago (Angola), Gabriel Sinambo (India), Emilia Mkusa (African Union), George Liswaniso (Sweden), former press secretary in the 

presidency Albertus! Aochamub (France), Morven Luswenyo (Japan), Linda Scott (Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Penda Naanda (United Nations office and other international organisations in Geneva, Switzerland), Simeon Uulenga (Democratic Republic of Congo), Nada Kruger (Austria) and Haindongo Siyave (Zambia). 

“You are well aware of the interests between Namibia and your host countries and I believe that you share my desire to preserve and enhance these relations. My faith in your character and ability gives me complete confidence that you will carry out your duties in a manner fully acceptable to the leadership of your host countries. I expect you to be reliable and scrupulously precise in your reporting, as well as to interpret the policies of your government with loyalty,” he directed. 
Namibia’s international relations policy, as outlined in Section 96 of the country’s constitution, strives to promote economic prosperity, security and the welfare of all Namibians.

The policy is an extension of every state’s domestic policy, which reflects on who and where the country wants to be in the future.

Foreign policy is therefore described as a self-interest strategy chosen by states to safeguard national interests and achieve goals within international relations.

Geingob said that by the oath heads of mission have taken, they have made a public commitment to uphold and defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Namibia, at all times.  

“You have made a vow, I expect you, as my representatives, to inform your host countries truthfully and regularly about economic opportunities and other developments.  I expect you to maintain good character, integrity, thus consistently upholding the honour, dignity and good reputation of Namibia,” Geingob told the heads of mission.

He noted Namibia’s foreign policy is an extension of its domestic policy, adding that the social and economic well-being of all Namibian people is paramount.  Therefore, he said, the visits to social institutions in Windhoek should remind them at all times of the socio-economic challenges in Namibia and how they are trying to address them collectively.  

Geingob said he entrusted them to the confidence of the leaders of their respective host countries, asking that they receive them favourably and give full credence to what heads of mission shall say on behalf of the Republic of Namibia, as well as the assurances which they bear of his best wishes for the prosperity of those host countries. 
During their diplomatic tour, Geingob said, he expects Namibia to gain more trading partners.  

“Find niche markets for our organic and natural products. Improve our global rankings in tourism, hence your trip to various tourist attractions.  Know your country’s statistics – if asked what your GDP is – you must know it like you know your name,” Geingob urged.

He congratulated them, saying their role or mandate is to undertake extensive and strategic economic diplomacy for Namibia’s economic growth.

In their acceptance speech read by Asser Kapere, they expressed that as they embark on their duties, they are committed to be loyal in the execution of their assignment in the true spirit of Harambee for the best interest of Namibia and its people.  

“Our work as ambassadors and high commissioners will be guided by our Article 96 of the Namibian Constitution, complemented by the Policy on International Relations and Cooperation; Namibia’s Vision 2030; the Harambee Prosperity Plan; Growth at Home Strategy; the 5th National Development Plan; the Swapo Party Election Manifesto. We remain sensitive to the current economic climate and will endeavour at all times to ‘do more with less’.”

He added they feel extremely privileged to serve under Geingob’s visionary leadership and undertake to provide the necessary services to the citizens in the countries of accreditation with dedication. 

In the same spirit, they undertake to contribute to making Namibia a prosperous, economically competitive and a globally respected nation.