NDF official fined for accepting bribes

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WINDHOEK – Windhoek Magistrate John Sindano on Thursday sentenced Alfeus Phillipus, 32, to a fine of N$4 000, or in default of payment to spend 12 months in prison.

Phillipus faced three counts under the Anti-Corruption Act. He allegedly solicited N$1 000 each from Esther Shepane and Rakkel Ndeshihafela Kalumbu with the promise of getting them employment in the Namibian Defence Force as cleaners in June 2012.
He pleaded guilty to the charges on Thursday. “It was a mistake, I will never repeat it again. I don’t know what came into my mind,” Phillipus who works in the explosives unit informed the court.
While delivering the judgment Magistrate Sindano said it “is considered aggravating that Phillipus targeted and exploited the most vulnerable members of the society, women who were trying to make ends meet. It is further aggravating that it took Phillipus two years to refund the money.”
“The only reasonable inference to be drawn from the proved facts is that Phillipus refunded the money when he realised that the matter would proceed to trial,” the magistrate added. During the hearing of mitigation of sentence, he informed the court that he has three children.
“I am the first born and the only one working. If this court is going to sentence me, I am asking this court to give me a lenient sentence,” pleaded Phillipus.
Prosecutor Henry Muhongo informed the court the blameworthiness of Phillipus is high as he in his capacity as an NDF member solicited money from the public.
Muhongo continued by saying that although the money was recovered in full after two years, this did not diminish the gravity of the offence.