Nehemia wants one more chance

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Nehemia wants one more chance

SWAKOPMUND – Swapo candidate Salomon Nehemiah, who previously served as Swakopmund mayor, says he is ready to serve the residents of Swakopmund once again.

This time around, Nehemiah is ready to serve as the Swakopmund constituency councillor, a seat he will be competing for against seven other candidates on 12 August when residents will vote for their next councillor.

“I have been part of the leadership of Swakopmund and one can see that the town is now thriving due to the immense work that we’ve ploughed back. My wealth of experience in management and leadership makes me an ideal candidate to serve as constituency councillor,” the former mayor said.

Nehemiah said he is aware of the economic downturn the town has experienced in the last few years and wants to work closely with the community and the regional council to set up programmes to help improve the livelihoods of all citizens of Swakopmund, particularly those that have been marginalised by economic hardships.

“I intend to promote the social and economic welfare of our people through innovative means. We have seen time and again that our traditional methods of alleviating poverty are not effective enough and we need to try new ways and methods. My office will solicit new ideas and submissions from the public as well as international partners to adopt effective welfare programmes,” the Swapo candidate said.

According to him, Swakopmund has facilities that can enable the town’s residents to create personal wealth and economic prosperity but need to be aligned with the right organisations to capitalise on them.

As for the housing challenge the town faces, Nehemiah said he wants to lobby that the incomplete and unoccupied houses are refurbished and allocated to those who still don’t have homes.

“These houses need to be given to those in need as a matter of urgency. We can work together with the occupants to complete outstanding services. I also want to encourage the local production of building materials as a way of making housing more affordable. This will eliminate shack fires and allow every resident of Swakopmund to become a proud homeowner,” he said.
The Electoral Commission of Namibia has confirmed that 37 175 could cast their vote for a new regional councillor of the Swakopmund constituency in the by-election.

The councillor’s position was left vacant after IPC member Ciske Howard-Smith was expelled from the party.