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FNB Namibia recently revealed their new customer care system, which is designed to streamline compliments, complaints and queries logging and management. “This, however, is not all on the customer service front,” says national service manager Linda Shininge.

Other developments at FNB Namibia are the service advisors in branches, also known as “floor walkers” and “e-migrators”.

Linda explains: “These are staff members who are physically on the floor – especially over month end – to ask people what assistance they need and to re-direct them to the right queue or alternatively to show them the much faster, saver and more affordable self-service options.

She adds that converting from going to the bank to internet or cellphone banking is not easy for all customers but FNB aims to assist and where necessary show customers over numerous weeks how best they can transfer funds, deposit at a real-time ATM, use eWallet and the like.

Jasmine Boois is the service advisor at FNB’s Maerua branch and enjoys her work tremendously. Every morning she ensures that all stations are manned and that, for example, enough deposit slips are available.
Her work then starts in earnest as soon as the branch opens for customers.

“Most of our customers are familiar with the cellphone app and internet banking as well as the eWallet and ATM options, and only really come into the branch if they require other services, like opening of a bank account, statements dating back over many months or they have a query.”

Jasmine makes sure that customers are in the correct queue and do not spend unnecessary time in a wrong queue.
“I have been in Maerua branch for 2 years and have noticed that many customers who used to come into the bank, don’t do this anymore as they are successfully making use of all the electronic options. This is good news for us and for them,” she adds.

“The young people are very eager to learn about Cellphone banking and other electronic options, while some of our elderly customers still tend to come into the bank for our assistance albeit at the ATM – just so we can make sure they do everything correctly – and we do so with a smile.”

The migration of customers from bricks to clicks is ongoing at FNB Namibia and is definitely taking root at the bank.
“We need to constantly educate our customers about the electronic possibilities and make sure that we fit them with the right option. Our youngsters enjoy banking on the phone, while others customers prefer the computer or the many options that an ATM offers.”