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WINDHOEK- Elia Kambinda, 33, is the successful owner of an electrical contracting company called Magic Touch Electrical and Construction.

Kambinda has eight full-time employees and also employs casual and temporary workers when the work load increases.
Kambinda said he is successful because he overcame obstacles in his path and has managed to change and improve his situation from conditions he does wish not to return to. He added that he is passionate about contributing to the growth and development of Namibia and its people.

“My vision is to operate the leading electrical company in Namibia as well as be the employer of choice in the sector,’’ he said.
He added: “I want to become a very successful businessman and go into different business ventures, build capacity and skills in more people and through that address the increasing unemployment.”

Kambinda is a graduate of the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) in Arandis, where he studied electricals for four years.
“Challenges were mostly in the first year, adjusting to the school’s strict rules, but after a while it all became normal,’’ said Kambinda.
He said that coming from a disadvantaged family in terms of financial means there was not always money to cover the extra beyond educational expenses. “The recipe is to never give up. Nothing stays the same forever,’’ he noted

Kambinda said that people are wrong thinking that vocational skills are a dead end. People can still be successful if they do vocational training and all it takes is hard work and perseverance, he said. “Vocational skills building and ultimately work is the key component in contributing to the growth of any country,’’ enthused Kambinda.