NSI urged to adapt to new technology

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NSI urged to adapt to new technology

WALVIS BAY – Trade and industrialisation minister Lucia Iipumbu has urged the Namibian Standards Institution ( NSI) to ensure they carry out the necessary research and studies in terms of standards, measurements and certifications to make sure Namibia also moves with technology.

The minister made the appeal during the official opening of NSI’s new testing facility that was constructed at Walvis Bay.

The new testing centre which has been operational for the past year is home to a metrology lab, fish processing labs, cans inspection and sensory labs which is a new addition to the new building.

“I want you to note that the world is moving and we should not be left behind technologically. We should be able to catch up as standards measurements and certifications are also moving with time or the industries we serve will bypass us,” the minister appealed.

Hence she said the facility underscores government’s commitment to  place Namibia in a convenient position within the framework of producing quality products destined for international markets.

The new facility itself provides adequate space to conduct frozen and chilled fish inspections. 

This means that NSI can process a much more diverse product range and process an increased quantity of products, thus allowing them to move beyond frozen fish inspection as its central focus.

According to the minister, the new facility also allows NSI to inspect the imported canned fish and meat, fishery and related products.

 “It is our wish and hope that more products will be accommodated soon. There is a lucrative market outside the country for our locally produced products. But as proud Namibians, we should have the motto of ‘home first’, ”she enthused.

According to Iipumbu, government is committed to empower local businesses with the necessary skills and platforms required to grow their enterprises.

This she said will ensure that trade and economic targets as outlined in our national development agendas are achieved.

General manager of testing and inspection for NSI Paloma Ellitson, also indicated that the facility’s metrology laboratory will soon be operational and will serve all industries in the country.

“We will also avail support and facilitate the moving of products from Namibia to other markets,” she said.