Nujoma hails Namibia-China friendship

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Nujoma hails Namibia-China friendship

WALVIS BAY – The friendship shared between Namibia and the People’s Republic of China is deep-rooted, well before the founding of Namibia, China steadfastly supported Namibia’s quest for national independence.

This observation was made by the founding father Sam Nujoma on Friday during Swakop Uranium’s 10-year anniversary celebration which took place at the Husab mine subsidiary. 

Husab is a low-risk, conventional, large-scale load- and haul open pit mine, feeding ore to a conventional agitated acid leach process plant. It is the second largest uranium mine in the world. The mine has a potential life of more than 20 years. It is co-owned by the Namibian and Chinese government.

According to Nujoma, the two countries for the past 30 years have established diplomatic ties.

 “Our two nations have navigated the changing tides of the international landscape hand in hand, demonstrating resilience and enduring friendship,” said Nujoma

The statesman not only witnessed the construction of the mine but also unveiled the iconic Husab mine rock on the B2 road.  

Again in 2018, Nujoma visited the mine site that has since expanded into a fully-fledged operation.

“Looking ahead, our two countries will continue to strengthen their collaboration and increase mutual benefits, propelling bilateral relations to new heights. Swakop Uranium’s investment and development of the Husab mine will stand as a shining example of friendly cooperation, infusing new vigour into Namibia’s sustainable development. May you have many more productive and prosperous years ahead, and an even greater role in deepening the bond of friendship between Namibia and China,” said Nujoma.

China’s ambassador to Namibia, Zhao Weiping also said that Nujoma has laid a solid foundation for the development of China-Namibia relations and his great vision continues to promote the mutual relations and common interests between the two countries. 

According to him, Husab mine, as one of the most significant uranium discoveries globally in the past decade, stands out as China’s single largest investment in Africa.

“Over the past decade, Swakop Uranium has consistently grown into a prominent player in the mining industry, thanks to its exceptional management team, efficient operational model, and outstanding production performance,” he said.

He further said that Swakop Uranium during the past decade has not only elevated its own production capabilities and operational quality but has also actively embraced the local Namibian community as well as fulfilling its social responsibilities.

He indicated that the company has provided numerous market opportunities, investment prospects, and avenues for growth for Namibian businesses, contributing significantly to Namibia’s sustainable development and earning praise and recognition from various sectors.

“Swakop Uranium certainly serves as a shining example of mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Namibia. This is your project and our project. This is a joint project of our two countries. The success of Husab mine is a success for all of us. We need more successes, and we need more such joint ventures as Swakop Uranium,” he said.