Ohorongo to get clean energy from new 5MW solar power plant

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WINDHOEK – Ohorongo Cement inaugurated a 5MW PV Solar Plant last Friday in the Otjozondjupa Region which Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo, called a significant milestone in private sector participation, and encouraged other investors and developers to follow the example set by the project. 

Alweendo said the solar project is an excellent example of how the private sector is making a significant contribution to energy security, economic growth and development and environmental sustainability.  

The solar plant, which will supply the Ohorongo Cement factory with clean and affordable energy, was spearheaded by Ohorongo Cement and developed by SunEQ Four and the Hungileni Investment Group. 

“This project represents a classic win-win situation for all involved – the environmental impact from the PV plant is minimal, the plant will employ additional personnel to maintain it, the Ohorongo Cement Company gets clean energy at a competitive rate, the IPP, SunEQ Four and Hungileni Investment group secured an off-taker, and given that the plant is not connected to the grid, the impact of intermittency on the grid is avoided,” said Alweendo.  

“These projects demonstrate that one solution can have multiple benefits and address the three pillars of sustainability.  Solar power protects the environment.  It creates development. And it promotes health and prosperity.  More solar power means less pollution. And that will lead to cleaner air and healthier lives,” he added. 

In exploring viable alternative sources of electricity generation, the Ministry of Mines and Energy in 2017 finalised both the National Energy Policy and Renewable Energy Policy. In so doing, the government has sent a strong message that it is committed to a sustainable energised future for its people. 

“We trust that this partnership will assist to contribute to alleviating poverty in the region, through stimulating the local economy and providing honest, decent sources of livelihood.  In addition to adding to the energy mix, the project will continue to help ensure a renewable supply of power to the Ohorongo Cement plant; and, perhaps most importantly, ensure future growth for the region, while also contributing to the growth of the country,” said Alweendo.