Five Okahandja accident victims identified

Home Crime and Courts Five Okahandja accident victims identified


Five people who perished in the car crash on Sunday evening on the road between Okahandja and Otjiwarongo have been positively identified.

The spokesperson of the regional police for Otjozondjupa Region, Warrant Officer Maureen Mbeha, said five of the dead were positively identified but one of the deceased remained unknown.

The known deceased are David Ekandjo Asino, 4, Selma Ndinelao Asino, eight months, Joseph Markus Quarum, 50, Kushamuna Kresentia Mundinda, 24, and Titus Tavale, 27.

The fatal accident involving three vehicles – two pickups and a SUV – occurred on the notorious B1 road, 33 kilometres between Okahandja and Otjiwarongo.

Mbeha said Quarum was burnt beyond recognition when one of the pickups, in which he was an occupant, burst into flames.

She had earlier said that those who perished included two children and four adults. “Ten people were injured. Injuries ranged from slight to serious.”

She said the two pickups were driving from the direction of Otjiwarongo and the one pickup overtook the other and collided with the SUV coming from the direction of Okahandja.

She added that the pickup being overtaken was dragged into the crash.

Mbeha said altogether there were 16 people in the cars but police did not establish how many occupants were in each car.

Mbeha warned drivers to be vigilant and not to overtake at blind spots, in reference to this accident where the driver overtook while there was an oncoming vehicle, which he seemed not to have been aware of.