Parly praises NBC for radio dramas

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Parly praises NBC for radio dramas

Loide Jason 

The chairperson of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on ICT and Innovation, Modestus Amutse, has commended the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation for introducing radio drama series on all their stations, saying it will promote Namibian cultural diversity and art.

The NBC will soon call for proposals from the public for radio dramas. Speaking to New Era on Sunday on the introduction of drama content by  the NBC, Amutse says the move is a relief to script writers and broadcasters whose careers have been in dilemma due to lack of market.

NBC director general Stanley Similo last week announced that the corporation will start broadcasting local dramas in all languages. He said not only will the move promote the spirit of local content but it is also an opportunity for artists to venture into promoting their careers. 

Similo, said the radio dramas are a way to preserve Namibia’s cultures and oral traditions. Africa and Namibia in particular have a lot of untold stories and cultural content, which can be turned into dramas for educational purposes and as a form of entertainment, added Amutse. 

“The decision by the NBC is truly responding to the public call for an intensified localised content in all sectors that involve public funding. We still need to increase funding for local films as a means of career building and to provide content that best reflects who we are,” said the parliamentarian.

Amutse, a former journalist, urged the youth in all 14 regions to capture this opportunity as a positive unifying exercise that can also generate income for their basic