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WINDHOEK – After the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) was rebranded in November 2017 from its former name of DTA that linked it to the former colonial administration, the party announced all its members should discard their old DTA cards and register and receive the rebranded PDM membership cards.

Its leader McHenry Venaani had said the political rebranding was necessary and that the new name brings with it a new identity, fresh association and an improved sense of belonging.

However this week, PDM announced to members, sympathisers and the general public that it will hold its 2018 extraordinary congress at Greiters Lodge, just outside Windhoek next week. It was during this announcement that the party said all its members are requested to be registered under the new name.  PDM secretary general Manuel Ngaringombe, who made the announcement, said the new venue is necessitated as previously announced meetings failed to materialise due to logistical challenges.

According to him, these included the facilities not having adequate accommodation for all members as well as a spacious venue for the duration of the planned elective congress.

However, Ngaringombe noted in view of the importance of the issues to be discussed during the extraordinary congress, the said meeting will go ahead on the previously mentioned dates, that is from next week Friday (December 7) at 18h00; and on Saturday (December 8), from 10h00.

Also, he announced there will be a drive through the central business district (CBD) on Saturday from 08h00.  He said the elective congress will deliberate more on the constitutional amendments, to be aligned with the rebranded movement.
During the upcoming meeting, he added, the party will discuss the ongoing preparations for the elective congress that is scheduled to take place during the first quarter of 2019.

“The move to next year of our elective congress has been necessitated by our in-house restructuring exercise across the country. Such a process is time consuming and is still ongoing with the hope that by the time we go for the elective congress, we would have covered significant ground in that regard,” he said.

“I can tell you that the PDM has to date reached all the 14 political regions of Namibia and we have managed to set up branches in all 121 constituencies, and we are now ready for an internal elective congress. We would want to make it known to all our members, supporters and sympathisers alike, that we are going to be working on the ground over the festive season holidays and whenever they see our movement’s people, they should seek the necessary guidance on any issues regarding the PDM,” he noted.