PG decision delays murder trial

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By Roland Routh

WINDHOEK – A decision by the prosecutor general (PG) whether or not to call a forensic expert from South Africa caused another postponement in the trial of a 61-year-old Aranos farmer accused of killing his 55-year-old wife with a single gunshot to the head.
The State wants to call another forensic scientist to dispute the evidence Namibia’s own Dr Paul Ludik gave in the trial.

Ludik testified last year that swabs taken from the right hand of Willem Barnard did not contain any trace of primer residue.
Primer residue is what is left on a shooter after the firearm is discharged.

Ludik said he found minute traces of the substance on the left hand of Barnard. But Barnard is right-handed.

Ludik further testified that he however found significant traces of the residue on both hands of the deceased, Anette Barnard.
Anette was shot through the left temple.

Information provided to New Era suggests that Barnard dislocated his shoulder some time before the shooting and could barely lift his left hand while the deceased did almost everything with her left hand.

Barnard insists he passed out in the living room of his house at Farm Choris in the Aranos area after consuming some brandy and medicine.

In a plea explanation he told the court that when he woke he saw his wife lying with her head on the coffee table in a pool of blood.
He claims that he remembers nothing about that evening after he passed out.

The State alleges Barnard shot the deceased after an argument erupted between them over Eugene Terblanche, the late leader of South Africa’s AWB.

According to Barnard he denies that he shot the deceased as alleged by the State and put the State to the proof thereof.

Barnard also said that evidence would be adduced that, due to the timing, amount of and the contribution of psychoactive substances he took during the day of the incident together with the alcohol he consumed, he at the time of the incident was unable to appreciate the moral and legal wrongfulness of his actions.

In this regard he claims temporary insanity if the State should prove that he indeed shot the deceased which remains denied, Barnard stated.
Barnard is represented by Advocate Louis Botes on instructions from SC Garbers, while Advocate Palmer Khumalo assisted by Cliff Litubezi is prosecuting.

Judge Naomi Shivute is on the bench.

The case was postponed to March 25 for the PG’s decision and Barnard is out on bail.