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A BRIGHT pink Mercedes Benz Stretch Limousine is not the type of car you spot on the roads every day in Windhoek. So when this car pulled up to the New Era this week to pay a visit to the advertising department, it caused quite a stir.

Owner of this unusual limo which has been advertised as a 12-seater, maintains that he will be hiring the vehicle out for special occasions.  Worku  Ballette who purchased the Mercedes 280SE stretch Limo from South Africa, gave the vehicle a fresh face since then, with plans to rent the vehicle out for special functions complete with chauffeur.

With adequate seating capacity, the Pink Limo all ready to roll to hire out for weddings, matric farewells, party functions, or can even double up as lively looking hearse or a great form of transportation for party ‘animals’ on the move.  Whatever your destination,  the ‘Pink Limo’ is at your service.

Apart from being the ultimate stately vehicle, Limousine services are a charming alternative in car hires or taxi cabs around the world, to create an ordinary occasion into something extraordinary.   Limousine conversions have been performed on several luxury makes and fast cars, including: Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Chrysler, Ford, Holden, Hummer, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen and Daimler.

In the United States the most popular vehicles for stretch limousines conversion are the Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac DTS, Cadillac Escalade, Chrysler 300, Hummer H2, Ford Excursion, and the Lincoln Navigator. There are even instances of Corvettes, Ferraris, Mini Coopers and VW Beetles being stretched to accommodate up to 10 passengers.

While some limousines are owned by individuals, many are owned by governments to transport senior politicians, or by large companies to transport executives.  But novelty color limousines, such as purple and pink, are another way to express individuality when renting a chauffeur driven Limos for  special occasions, which can come inclusive of TV, music, a hostess and a fully stocked bar.

Builders of stretch limousines purchase stock cars from manufacturers and modify them, and most are in the United States and Europe and cater mainly to limousine companies. The first automobile limousine was built in 1902.



By Donna Collins