Poem – Love Imprisonment

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Poem – Love Imprisonment

I harvested frozen rain,

& unbutton my pain

I fissure the wall

To take you to the mall


I climbed a mountain of water,

so our lips could match

I beg a punching – MWA!

on your pillowed cheeks


like a red bill chick

caged by bougainvillea

be my Madam 

I’ll be Adam


A cream of lipsticks 

buttering my lips

melting a heart of bricks 

& mowing firethorn flowers 



your health

for I measure wealth

by depositing kisses 

and withdrawing misses


lubs & dubs of your heart 

as lightning flashes

screen your snowy teeth,

the tunes of your heart 

pitter-pattering my chest 


with the sympathy of hate,

the cruelty of this luv

this justified fate

I’m incarcerated by lust

Clasping our hands on 

a carpet of yellow quinces