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KING KAULUMA – President Hifikepunye Pohamba said he would write a book about his life as soon as his term as head of state comes to an end.

Speaking at the memorial service of the late Simeon Lineekela ‘Kambo’ Shixungileni, Pohamba told the gathering about his intention to follow in the footsteps of the Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma, who wrote a book about his life and political journey titled Where Others Wavered.
According to Pohamba the history of Namibia and those that were involved in the war of liberation has been misinterpreted and manipulated by certain people who wrote without consultation.
“Many people talk about the war of liberation without talking about the commander. It was Sam Nujoma who was the commander-in-chief during the war of liberation.
“Do not talk about the liberation struggle without talking about that man. It was Peter Nanyemba, Tobias Hainyeko, Pohamba … who were ordered to make decisions. Why are you also not mentioning my name?” asked Pohamba.
The president said he would write a book about his own history and involvement in the liberation struggle for Namibian independence.
“I am going to write about my history and it is going to be a beautiful history – oh yes! I urge you all to read it … Sometimes you look at us thinking that we are useless people but we fought for this country, we fought together with the colleague (Shixungileni) who is lying here today.”
He revealed this on Saturday at the memorial service and funeral of Shixungileni who died recently.
“Now I am looking around and [Simon Mzee] Kaukungwa is gone, the group of Shixungileni consisted of six, five of them are gone. Who will be there to tell the history?
“The colleague, Shixungileni, has done wonders by writing his autobiography. I am therefore asking this in my capacity as the president of Swapo, I am instructing the Secretary General [Nangolo Mbumba] to go and translate what Shixungileni has written,” said Pohamba.
Pohamba said this soon after Founding President Sam Nujoma asked him and Prime Minister Dr Hage Geingob to summon those that were involved in the liberation struggle to document the history as soon as possible.
Nujoma’s call was in agreement with that of Dr Rev. Shapaka Kapolo who asked the government to task some people to write about the Namibian history including that of the liberation struggle.
Kapolo, one of the late Shixungileni’s friends said one of the discussions between him and the fallen hero was to ask the government to choose at least two University of Namibia students to carry out research on Namibia’s liberation struggle and to write the book reflecting the true history of the events.
“If we are not documenting our own history, 50 years from now, the lies written by the white colonial forces that they won the battle at Cuito Cuanavale will be considered as the truth,” said Kapolo.
Kapolo said he and the late Shixungileni had also spoken about the need to create a monument in honour of Namibian women’s bravery in the liberation struggle. He said women risked their lives and those of their families by cooking and feeding PLAN fighters at the time of the war.
Kapolo who was speaking on behalf of the late Shixungileni’s friends also raised his great concern over the lack of discipline among the youth, especially those who commit murder of women and children and alcohol abuse.
He thus urged the government to consider introducing compulsory military service for all the youths in the country to instil discipline and a sense of patriotism among the youth.
“We have a lazy nation. The young men are cowards, if we continue like this we will suffer,” said Kapolo.