Police caution against buying stolen goods

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Police caution against buying stolen goods

NKURENKURU – The Kavango West Police commander, Julia Sakuwa-Neo, has cautioned the public to desist from buying stolen items from thieves.

“The members of the public are highly urged to desist from buying stolen items on the streets, and they should know it is a criminal offence. The members of the public should report suspected stolen items to the police station so that the police can intercept such items for the effective looting out of criminal activities in the region.

“A stern warning goes out to all criminals that the Namibian Police Force in the Kavango West region will leave no stone unturned; all criminals will be rooted out without fear or favour,” she noted.

The commander’s warning comes in the wake of the increasing housebreakings and theft in Kavango West. Last week, the police scheduled an operation in an attempt to recover stolen properties in Nkurenkuru. 

“Buying stolen items can get you into trouble with the law; it’s a crime. When more people buy these items, the demand increases, and many people fall victim; but if nobody buys, then the demand won’t drive the crime,’’ she said.

“On Tuesday, 15 November, the Namibian Police officers in Nkurenkuru embarked on a sting operation in an attempt to recover some of the stolen items, where cases of housebreaking and theft, theft of cell phone, theft and robbery were opened during the year at the Nkurenkuru police station,’’ she said.

“The recovery operation was done through intelligence-driven information and it is still ongoing. So far, two suspects were arrested, and they appeared in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court. They were denied bail as police investigations continue. In addition, more suspects are yet to be arrested,” the commissioner noted.

Last week, eight cell phones and two flat-screen television sets (an LG 55-inch and a Sinotec) were recovered.

“This sting operation was necessitated by the increasing cases of housebreaking and theft, theft of cell phones, as well as theft and robbery in the policing area of Nkurenkuru. The criminals that are committing most of these cases to target valuable items like laptops, cell phones and television sets. Such items are normally stolen during the wee hours of the morning, particularly between 02h00 and 05h00, while the victims are sleeping or coming from bars,” she noted. 

Sakuwa-Neo noted that these crimes are committed mostly by school learners and tertiary students from various institutions of learning and schools in the town. 

“The age group of these perpetrators ranges between 16 to 35, and the crimes are mostly committed against tertiary students living within the town,” she said. 

At Nkurenkuru, the affected areas of these crimes are the Shackdweller location (high in the theft of laptops and mobile phones), Build-together location, Mass housing, NHE location and Labour Investment Houses.