Police officer survives ‘death bridge’

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OSHAKATI – A female police officer narrowly escaped a potentially fatal accident when she lost control of the vehicle she was driving and landed under the Sky Bridge in Oshakati.

The Oshana Police Regional Commander Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa said the police officer, who is stationed at the Ongwediva police station, was rushing for the 21h40 shift from her home in Oshakati when she lost control of her personal vehicle, a Toyota Rav4, causing it to overturn.

After the vehicle overturned it plunged into the bridge that is notorious for suicides.

“By the look of the accident impact, it seems that she was accelerating a little bit, looking at the fact that she hit the pavement, the lamppost and a metal connecting two walls of the bridge. Maybe she was late for work,” explained Kashihakumwa.

He said the officer who was admitted to Oshakati Intermediate Hospital was in a stable condition, and based on the information provided to the police by the doctor, her condition was expected to improve.

Sky Bridge in Oshakati’s  Main Road is notorious for the loss of life as a number of people have committed suicide by jumping from the bridge. This forced a number of local churches to unite and hold a prayer session next to the bridge about three years ago. Since then nobody has died at the bridge.

By Helvy Shaanika