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Police PROs put through their paces 

The Namibian Police are conducting a workshop for community affairs and public relations officers to capacitate them with practical mitigating approaches when dealing with the public through various media platforms and crime prevention without compromising the integrity of the force.

The workshop, which officially commenced yesterday and will end on 9 March 2023, is expected to enhance the competencies and abilities of 30 participants, inclusive of 14 public relations, community policing and 15 regional community affairs officers. 

While officiating the event, inspector general Joseph Shikongo urged the participants to demonstrate a high level of discipline, cooperation and commitment throughout the workshop.

“Namibia, as a country, is part of the global village; therefore, it is not only the duty of the regional community affairs or public relations officers to maintain a good image, but the onus rests upon us all. Let us, therefore, all strive for Namibia to maintain the position of being among the top countries – if not the best that promote good media democracy in the world and on the African continent,” he said.

The police chief said Namibia is rated as one of the top countries in Africa and 18th in the world out of 180 countries and territories for press freedom. 

“This demonstrates our government’s commitment to the ideals of a free press with an emphasis on effective governance, fortified by our democratic values, processes, systems and institutions. Furthermore, as an indication of our government’s commitment to press freedom, the central government is anticipating the process of passing the Access to Information Bill, which would propel the country into one of the foremost positions in the world on the World Press Freedom Index,” he said.

Hence, Shikongo told the regional community affairs officers/spokespersons they have immense obligations and responsibilities to create an environment conducive to the communities for the safety and security of all residents and visitors alike.

The police’s head of public relations, deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, said the workshop will enhance the participants’ knowledge of managing the communication between the organisation and its public.

Some of Namibia’s communication experts and presenters, such as Toivo Ndjebela, Anna Nicodemus and Sinvula Mudabeti have been invited to do presentations to the officers.

– ljason@nepc.com.na

Caption (Participants): 

Talk shop… Participants at the spokesperson’s workshop with police chief Joseph Shikongo yesterday. 

Photo: Loide Jason