Police recover body of hippo victim

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Police recover body of hippo victim

RUNDU – After five days of searching the Kavango River, the Namibian Police in Kavango West have recovered the body of 15-year-old Frans Nekare Ngongo.

He was attacked and killed by a hippopotamus while catching fish at Sinzogoro village on Tuesday.  

The deceased was a grade five learner at Sinzogoro Combined School.

Commissioner Julia Sakuwa-Neo said the body had visible injuries from the attack.

“The body of the deceased has been found near Kapako village, four kilometres from the point where the attack occurred. The body has been moved by river flow to the other area of the river. The hippo attack injuries are visible on the back of the deceased,” she said.

“Four big bite wounds were observed on the deceased’s body,” she noted.

Some community members after heeding the call for assistance from the police notified the police when they saw the body floating on the Angolan side of the river.

 The police who have been patrolling and searching the river since Wednesday with a boat rushed to collect the corpse which was then identified by family members on the scene.

– jmuyamba@nepc.com.na