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OSHIVELO – Councillor of Guinas constituency in the Oshikoto Region, Isak Gomachab, spent over six hours behind bars after police arrested him for allegedly assaulting a minor at a farm near Tsintsabis in the Tsumeb district.

“The child came to Tsumeb from the councillor’s farm, this is when the other children discovered the battered child and reported their suspicions to a female adult who in turn informed the police,” revealed Police Deputy Commissioner Naomi Katjiua.

According to Katjiua, a case was opened under the Domestic Violence Act and a charge of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm was laid with the police. The councillor was arrested on Monday morning and appeared in the Tsumeb magistrates’ court in the afternoon. The matter was postponed for further police investigation. The police also enlisted the services of a social worker from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare. “We sought the help of a social worker because the child is still traumatised by the beating – this is not the correct way to handle problems as violence breeds violence. In the end the abused will become an abuser himself. There are alternative modes of dealing with problems, one should never resort to violence, as a leader Gomachab has more access to help facilities,” narrated Katjiua. “Leaders do not have all the answers, however they need to practise what they preach and reinforce the laws they put in place. As a councillor I am sure he has better access to social workers in comparison to ordinary citizens who might not know where to go for assistance with regard to domestic affairs,” said Katjiua.

She added: “Asking for help does not make one a stupid or weak leader, we are already faced with being a violent nation. Abusing children will breed abusive adults who will in turn become abusers themselves because they are taught from an early age that violence is a problem-solving technique.”

Councillor Gomachab was granted bail of N$1500 on condition he does not contact the victim or interfere with any of the witnesses in the case.

When contacted for comment Gomachab told New Era: “Just write what you want, I do not want to comment.”


By John Travolter Matali