Popya with Laurence Zeraeua -IT student poised to champion innovation in sport

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Popya with Laurence Zeraeua  -IT student poised to champion innovation in sport

Margareth-Rose Kangootui


Laurence Zeraeua from the University of Namibia (Unam) has been selected out of 15 countries and 40 students to attend this year’s Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) Summer School in Leeds, United Kingdom.

The ACU Summer School is an annual event and a platform for students from every corner of the Commonwealth to discuss multidisciplinary issues of global importance.

Zeraeua, who is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Information Technology, will attend a weeklong intensive programme, hosted by Leeds Trinity University in Horsforth.

The summer school will take place under the theme ‘Sport and Regeneration: Driving sustainability, community and wellbeing’ – a subject Laurence believes information technology can transform into new sustainable frontiers. 

A key element of the programme is the aim to mix local and regional students with their peers who may have never had the opportunity to leave their regions.

During an interview with Forum Online, Zeraeua explained his interest in technological innovation inspired him to apply for this opportunity.

“My interest is in technology. So, when I saw the Call for Applicants on the Unam portal, I did not hesitate to apply. Aside from innovation, I was motivated by the idea of skills development, networking opportunities as well as engaging with students from different cultural backgrounds and the possible benefits other participants’ experiences can impart on my academic career and Namibia’s sports development,” elaborated Zeraeua.

He added this opportunity will put him in a position to engage with experts championing innovation in sports in various countries and across varied fraternities.

“This experience will expose me to new knowledge and ways of developing sport in Namibia, and potentially aid preparation for the 2027 Men’s Cricket World Cup to be co-hosted by Namibia, alongside South Africa and Zimbabwe,” explained a very excited Zeraeua.

Zeraeua considers himself fortunate to have been selected for this opportunity.

“I am very grateful to Unam’s International Relations Office for providing students with such opportunities.”

He stated he was surprised at first that the University of Namibia was part of ACU. 

This is a prestigious association that provides students with numerous opportunities to upscale their careers.

“Therefore, Unam being part of this association is quite outstanding, and it is a testament that the university cares about the development of students outside the lecture room,” added Zeraeua. 

He further encouraged students not to be afraid to take up these types of opportunities.

Zeraeua is also currently employed as a junior Enterprise Resource Planning specialist by one of the fastest-growing tech companies, known as Green Enterprise Solutions (Green). 

He joined the company through a Work Integrated Learning programme, which was made possible through the relationship Unam has with the industry. 

“I am highly privileged to work for Green,” he concluded with joy written all over his face.

– Unam Forum Online