• July 4th, 2020

30 Namibians to go on a lunch date with

By Paheja Siririka

1.Taleni Shimhopileni
Shimhopileni is Namibia’s own childhood TV star, who used to host children’s shows on the national broadcaster. She is a Broadcast Content Executive at One Africa Television (Pty) Ltd.

2. Ester Simon
Simon was the first female president of the Namibia National Students Organisation. She was appointed as a youth representative on the high-level panel on the Namibian economy by President Hage Geingob.

3. Ndjodi Ndeuyema
He is a young Namibian academic based in the United Kingdom studying towards a DPhil Law at Oxford University. You would want to tap into this academic and educator.

4. Loide Uushona
She is the co-owner of a clinical pathology clinic, which offers clinical laboratory tests, research and innovation services in the area of microbiology, clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics and blood transfusion services.

5. Azeal Matsoarelle
He is youthful, delightful and bubbly, a household favourite Fresh FM DJ, better known as Cheeze or KBVDP (Kaas Baas Van Die Plaas) with 13 years of radio experience.

6. Mohammed Shehu
He obtained a PhD in Informatics from the Namibia University of Science and Technology at the age of 26 years.

7. Salmi Shigwedha
Research associate at the Institute of Public Policy Research, Shigwedha has taken it upon herself and her team to promote local entrepreneurial ventures in Namibians through platforms such as the Kasi Vibe Festival.

8. Kennedy Liswani
He is a young man who has ambitions like anybody else but he has hit the ground running by founding the Okatoshe D30 cellphone. Liswani received five awards last year, including Founder of the Year in Southern Africa and Best Newcomer.

9. Meriam Kaxuxwena
One can learn a lot from her in terms of brand building and consistency. She recently celebrated 20 years in the modelling industry.

10. Matthew Ipinge
Ipinge’s love for dogs made him quit an eight to five corporate job to pay more attention to his canine friends. He owns 14 of them, unless he has added few before going to printing already. 
He owns Paw “R” Us, the company, which is in charge of harnessing the relationship of more than 30 dogs and their owners. Have lunch with him and he will tell you more.

11. Job Amupanda
Amupanda is the leader of Affirmative Repositioning. This young senior lecturer at the University of Namibia would be fun to be with on a lunch date, as he would enlighten you on plans as far as Namibia is concerned, dashed with humour and a little bit of sarcasm.

12. Amen Manyana Nghidengwa
Nghidengwa, who brought Scooters Pizza into the Namibian fast-food market, has opened a third outlet, this time in Swakopmund. Now, he has his pizzeria dubbed Eagles’ Pizza.

13. Sandra Mwiihangele
Mwiihangele is the founder of Kiyomisandz Beauty Products. In 2018, the Forbes Africa magazine recognised her as a star entrepreneur on the African continent.

14. Utaara Mootu
The 23-year-old is heading to the National Assembly to represent Landless People’s
Movement and the people of Namibia at large.

15. Shaandre Finnies
He is vocal about everything politics, climate, democracy, orphans and vulnerable children and gender-based violence. The Luderitz-born Finnies has been impacting the world through his youth activism by taking part in events and discussions that are youth-related on an international scale while studying at Ankara University in Turkey.

16. Pinehas Zuluboy Shikulo
Shikulo is an all-rounder; does music, is a clothing designer and a painter. He is the mastermind behind the trendiest pieces of clothing, Gweri Socks.

17. Dimbulukeni Nuuyoma
He might have been portrayed in the media for being a naughty boy but this Namibian youth activist is busy with social work for the community in terms of equal representation and inclusion of the minorities.

18. Luis Munana
Munana may have left his accounting degree gathering dust, but he is the creative director of Namibia’s first original animated cartoon and puppet show called ‘Waka Waka Moo’, focusing on education and childhood development content.

19. Melkisedek Ausiku
He is the founder of LEFA Transportation Services (Pty) Ltd, a company that owns LEFA cab/shuttle requesting application. He is always punctual, safe and reliable.

20. Che Ulenga
She is an MC, radio presenter, content producer, a voice-over artist, activist and so much more. She started a campaign called Ghost Protest against Sexual Violence, which is aimed at encouraging members of the public to spray, paint or draw anti-violence slogans in red on everyday cardboard and place this on a street corner (against a tree or lamp pole) or in front of their homes.

21. Sharonice Busch
She has demonstrated consistency and innovation in advocating for gender equality. Busch is currently a personal assistant in the President’s Office and has an extensive background in leadership.

22. Hazel Hinda
Hinda is a natural character. She has graced stages of soapies such as ‘7de Laan’, she has done numerous local theatre plays. Hinda is a writer, performer and director with more than a decade of experience.

23. Llyod Kauisee Kazapua
He is Namibia’s first choice goalkeeper having captained the Brave Warriors during the 2019 COSAFA Cup in South Africa. The shot-stopper has played for teams such as United Africa Tigers, Highlands Park FC, Maccabi FC in Johannesburg, African Stars locally and currently plays for Baroka FC.

24. Maximalliant Katjimune
He is PDM youth league spokesperson who is quite radical in his approach. He is also influential and very much active in student leadership politics. 

25. Levi Katire
Levi has created ‘The Platform’, an initiative aimed at bringing businesspeople in the Omaheke region together for networking and lesson-sharing after realising that the exchange of ideas on business practices, strategies and innovation was limited in the region.

26. Samuel Kapepo
This humanitarian’s hope is to see young and old people, who are unable to make ends meet, fed.

27. Livey van Wyk
She has become Namibia’s youngest mayor at the age of 26, leading the town of Witvlei, which, ironically, was the same place where she faced rejection and stigma because of her HIV status.

28. Behati Prinsloo
Prinsloo is a Global Rhino Ambassador, who joined forces to raise awareness on rhino conservation. She has launched a global campaign and has ventured to Namibia, establishing herself in its movement to protect the critically endangered black rhino species and preserve the population.

29. Maria Nepembe
She is a businesswoman, actress, MC, designer, model and a Namibian ambassador wherever she goes.

30. Appolos Shimakeleni
A young Namibian law practitioner with his own law firm specialising in criminal law, labour law, civil litigation, contract law, debt collection, and legal advice. ◆


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