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30 years of music

2020-03-16  Staff Reporter

30 years of music
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This year marks the 30th independence celebration of Namibia, a country which has gone through a lot of challenges to come this far. One of the great unifiers with a country of so many different ethnic groups, cultures and languages has always been music. A strong force that has connected the Namibian people through the rhythms, vibes and messages in the songs. To look back over 30 years – where there was almost no real Namibian music industry – to a now very vibrant and active collection of specially talented and different artists releasing new music every week, is really impressive.

HitRadio Namibia teamed up with the local musician EES – who has also achieved a great deal in promoting Namibian music outside the borders and being one of the artists in Namibia with the most features of local musicians on his whole discography – to compile a special limited edition: the Very Best of 30 Years of Namibian Music audio CD, to unite Namibian musicians and promote local music on an international platform.
HitRadio, being a local radio station established in 2012 by Wilfried Hähner, has a very diverse listenership in Namibia and also a great following via online stream in European countries where German is spoken.
The team sat down to handpick a selection of well-known local artists who have had an impact in the Namibian music industry over the last three decades, with the likes of PDK, Matongo Family, EES, Oteya, Lady May, Qonja, Blossom, Sally Boss Madam, Exit and Mushe. But also veteran musicians like Ras Sheehama, Big Ben, Penilane and Hishishi Papa. With great songs of local producers like Araffath, Elvo and K-Boz, the album also features some the upcoming stars like Maszanga, Amazonkies  and House Guru Gang.

The album is a limited-edition CD – which was produced using no plastic for the cover – but only thick paper to make it more eco-friendly and was sponsored partly by Journeys Namibia Group and Tafel Lager.
For everybody interested in getting a copy of this limited edition masterpiece and have it playing during the Namibian independence celebrations, check out the following stores:
The Craft Center
Windhoek Buchhandlung
Wecke & Voigts
Made in Namibia Shop
or online at:

2020-03-16  Staff Reporter

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