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Baxu and the Giants to début on Netflix

2020-08-31  Paheja Siririka

Baxu and the Giants to début on Netflix
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The locally-made film, Baxu and the Giants, depicting the importance of saving Namibian rhinos is going to be making its premiere on Netflix.
The director of the film Florian Schott said they attended multiple film festivals internationally with this flick over the last 12 months.
“At the RapidLion International Film Festival in Johannesburg this March (where we were also nominated for Best Humanitarian Film), we met a Sales Agency from South Africa. When they heard that Netflix is looking for African short films they recommended our film and Netflix became interested.”
He said it’s a beautiful feeling to know that there is an interest from a global streaming service to showcase a Namibian production, dealing with Namibian issues, done by Namibians. “This means that our stories are just as important in the rest of the world as they
are at home.” He hopes that this news not only gives Namibian filmmakers the confidence that their films can travel around the world as well, but that it opens doors for potential funding and distribution for Namibian films. 

“We start showing the world what we can do and I hope there will be a rising demand for stories and films and talent from this side of the world.”
The film is about, Baxu (played by Camilla Jo-Ann Daries), a 9-year-old girl in touch with nature and tradition but toughened by life in poverty, lives with her street-smart older brother Khata and an alcoholic grandmother in a village in Damaraland.

They live a peaceful life until strange men show up and cause a change in the village. First, the neighbour starts acting suspicious, then Baxu notices changes in her household. Keen on finding out what Khata is hiding from her, Baxu investigates and learns that her brother
started poaching, to improve his family’s living conditions. Baxu has to make a tough decision - will she stay quiet or will she listen to the rhinos.
The film was commissioned by the Legal Assistance Centre to sensitize teenagers to the issue of rhino poaching in Namibia. The film which was released in September 2019 has received many accolades including Best Foreign Narrative at the San Francisco Independent Short Film Festival the same year, Best cinematographer - Kit Hoffmann at the Canadian Cinematography Awards, Best cinematographer - Kit Hoffmann (European Cinematography Awards) and the Best Actress - Camilla Jo-Ann Daries, Best Editing - Robert Scott, Best Production Design - Tanya Stroh all
at the Namibian Theatre and Film Awards. -

2020-08-31  Paheja Siririka

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