• July 16th, 2019
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A brand making waves


Pinehas Nakaziko Founded and owned by Skelem Kambonde, the DreamChasing clothing brand is currently trending and making waves locally. Pinehas Nakaziko brings you the story from Windhoek. Founded in 2016, it has been attracting many fashion lovers who have taken a liking to it. Skelem’s main aim of establishing this brand is to encourage local people to work towards their dreams, and make them come true. “We need people to support local brands. DreamChasing is an inspiring brand and have inspired many people to work towards the dreams they always had before society,” says Skelem. Products range include t-shirts, summer vests, ladies tops, pull overs, hoodies, overalls and high quality golf t-shirts. The brand is currently selling country wide with the help of NamCourier. “it always reaches customers destinations,” says Kambonde. The brand is also penetrating international markets, selling in neighbouring countries like South Africa and Zambia. “We are also represented in China. So far DreamChasing managed to sponsor Miss Copper Festival in Tsumeb last year.” Going an extra mile and be unique amongst other brands are among Skelem’s future plans. “I would like to work hard and make my customers [happy] by giving them quality products and services worldwide one day. I also want to inspire people to work towards their goals and keep moving through the brand,” he signs off.
New Era Reporter
2018-03-02 09:37:27 1 years ago

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