• October 21st, 2020

A day in the life of Dingalo Shinyama

It is has been a minute since without hearing anything about Dingalo Shinyama from the Kaimbi style. Entertainment Now! did some digging to find out what this rapper has been up to and took us into his musical journey.
Being one of the most promising hip-hop lyricists from back in the days, Dingalo made a name for himself after releasing hit tracks like ‘Sandisa’, featured by the late Pablo and vanished into thin air before he made another return in 2013.
Dingalo joined the music scene in the early 2000s with artists such as the late hip-hop legend, Catty Cat and Maniak of the 061music crew.

Throughout the years he has also featured big artists in the music scene, such as Tate Buti and Ngatu.
Life in the limelight can be an ultimate dream-come-true for some people. However, for some who have the experience of fame, they have a different story to tell.
Some artists have chosen to walk away from the music fraternity in an attempt to pursue other interests, whereas others, however, have disappeared, probably because there’s nothing more left for them.
Either way, when a music star is suddenly plucked from the public eye, their fans are left to wonder when or if they will ever return.

Explaining why he has been out of the spotlight, Dingalo said he is now venturing into visual arts but that does not mean he deviates his focus from music.
After graduating from the College of Arts in Visual arts, Dingalo found his passion in creating portraits, paints and also doing tattoos.

“I have been juggling between music and visual arts but I realised that I am more comfortable and I make better money from my drawings,’’ he said.
Although he has left many wondering whether he is still doing music or not, Dingalo revealed that he is currently on a music break and will come back when he is ready.

Losing his high school buddies and music partners Catty Cat and Pablo, Dingalo said that also contributed to his music hiatus.
‘’The sensitivity of losing people I was very close to left me heartbroken. It disturbed me and I decided to put in a break for some time,’’ he said sadly.

Giving his opinion on the current music industry, Dingalo mentioned “The industry has grown and there is a lot of creativity and talent among new artists, but one thing holding them back is the support from the corporates. If only they could invest in these young talents, then our music industry will grow.”
Asked what has been happening while he has been out of the spotlight, Dingalo revealed that nothing much happened in his personal life, apart from raising his beautiful daughter.
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