• September 26th, 2020

A riveting video by Mr Glo titled ‘Hello’

 Laimi Hawala

Super producer Mr Glo recently released his latest video on YouTube, titled ‘Hello’, featuring Dion from PDK and ZYX. The song is about fighting against the evils that affect humanity and creating hope for a better tomorrow.

 ‘Hello’ was co-written by songwriter, vocalist and music producer Solani Glo Zulu, also known as Mr Glo, Dion and ZYX.
The music video has a creative action and a science fiction (sci-fi) movie theme. It begins with a narration by Aishe Ashipala, who portrays Kondja in the video. The concept and inspiration behind the music video was directed by Dion.
 According to Mr Glo, the concept of the video is post-apocalyptic, about a girl named Kondja, who has to save the world from a futuristic cyborg. 
The song highlights facing challenges and being hopeful in the midst of adversity. 

“We all face a giant in our lives and the current giant we all facing is the Covid-19 pandemic; this song is meant to bring hope and faith that if we stand together and pray, we can win. The inspiration is about finding hope in the midst of troubled times,” said Mr Glo.
Moreover, the music video was shot in the middle of the Namib Desert and some shots were filmed in Windhoek. It took a week to shoot the video and two months to edit it with various production houses. 
When asked how long it took to produce the song, Mr Glo responded: “In all honesty, out of excitement, it took me a day to create the beat, but finding the right artists to feature took me over two months.” 

The music video is a product of Clear Visuals Productions, Glo Productions and Auala Films, and it was shot by Olavi Nyau. 
It subtly ends with credits like that of a movie. 
The cast includes DJ Siya as the villain, Kandiwapa Aron as the hut woman and dancer, and Actofel Ilovu portrays the hunter. 
The song can be streamed on YouTube.

Mr Glo also uses his YouTube platform for his show called ‘Sessions’, which he started in July. 
He has had guests such as Riah Laquida and E Gazakoff on his show, and he expects more guests to feature. 
- laimihawala2000@gmail.com

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2020-08-21 13:04:13 | 1 months ago


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