• February 26th, 2020

ACC fails to get treasury authorisation for property transfer

WINDHOEK – During the 2018 audit findings it was discovered that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) requested treasury authorisation, which was granted, for 30 items which are worn and damaged to the tune of N$24 396, to be transferred to the Ministry of Works and Transport.

However, it was observed that out of the 30 items, including furniture and office equipment, only 18 of these goods were transferred to the works ministry.

This information is contained in the report of the Auditor-General Junias Kandjeke on the accounts of the ACC for the financial year ended 2018.

Treasury instruction KA 1002 states that if stock, equipment or livestock cannot be used in a ministry because it is worn, damaged, redundant or obsolete, it shall be transferred to the nearest depot of the Ministry of Works and Transport, or transferred to another ministry only after the necessary treasury authorisation has been obtained.

Kandjeke noted that the accounting officer reported that N$448 847.57 of movable properties was transferred within the government during the financial year under review. The audit found that of this amount, only a sum of N$24 396.60 was granted treasury authorisation during the 2017/18 financial year, and an amount of N$424 450.97 was not authorised by treasury.

Equally, Kandjeke observed that the items listed on the issue and receipt vouchers are different from what was approved by treasury for auction purposes.

He said items amounting to N$411 938.96 were transferred to the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, however, no treasury authorisation was obtained.

The accounting officer was asked to explain why no treasury approval was obtained for items transferred to the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

In this regard, the accounting officer responded that the ACC is in agreement with the findings, but promising that the commission will ensure compliance with approval instruments in the 

The report also shows that certain unauthorised expenditures have been recorded during 2018.
One is the main division which was exceeded with an amount of N$2 344.64 that is unauthorised in terms of Section 6 of the Act.

The other includes two sub-divisions which were exceeded with a total amount of N$7 063.57 that is unauthorised in terms of Section 6 of the Act.

It is recommended that the accounting officer should put measures in place in order to monitor the financial position and to take appropriate action timely to avoid exceeding appropriated funds.

Albertina Nakale
2019-08-13 07:04:49 | 6 months ago

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