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Affirmative Repositioning collides with City Police

2015-06-09  Mathias Haufiku

Affirmative Repositioning collides with City Police
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Windhoek - Leaders of the Affirmative Repositioning movement and City Police yesterday held separate press conferences to claim and counter-claim what led to a heated confrontation between the two groups at Goreangab Dam on Sunday. Hundreds of young people attending a social gathering organised by Affirmative Repositioning were left stranded for two hours at the dam after the City Police barred entrance to the recreational area. City Police Chief Abraham Kanime however refuted allegations that his members deliberately blocked the gathering, saying “the correct procedures were not followed to host the meeting”. Kanime said at a media conference yesterday afternoon the group was unruly and hurled nasty insults at City Police officicers. The Goreangab Dam is a municipal recreational facility where people gather for socializing. Kanime said prior arrangements needed to be made with city officials for such a mass meeting. Two of the three founders of the movement – George Kambala and Dimbulukeni Nauyoma – yesterday condemned the municipal police actions and accused the force of undermining the Namibian Police. “The gathering was not political in any nature, it was only a social gathering. The agents of the enemy had a perception that whenever the youth meet it is to discuss political matters,” said Nauyoma. Nauyoma said they had written to the Namibian Police and City Police to inform them of the social gathering. Although the land activists said the gathering was social and not political, the mass invitation said: “This gathering is just to inform the youth, our members on several information, issues and update regarding the application forms which our people, young and old, submitted in their respective municipalities.” In the letter dated June 3, Affirmative Repositioning leaders also request a police presence to maintain law and order. Kanime said the group was eventually allowed in after a compromise was reached. “They were allowed to go in under strict supervision. Action will be taken in due course to ensure that a similar situation does not happen again,” said Kanime. Meanwhile, Kambala called for the disbandment of the City Police, saying “it does not serve the interests of those funding its existence but only a few individuals.” “There is mediocracy within the City Police. Chief Kanime has this hyper-individualistic attitude but we are not afraid of him. As long as we have a Namibian Police in this country, the reporting lines must be respected,” said Kambala. Kambala said the movement would write a letter of complaint to the auditor general and the inspector general of the police. “City Police have become a burden to the public and those heading it are running it like their own bedrooms and cuca-shops through dictatorship tendencies,” he charged. City of Windhoek spokesman Joshua Amukugo said the group was supposed to address their letter to the acting chief executive officer of the municipality. “We cannot allow shortcuts, the correct procedures must be followed at all times,” he said. by Mathias Haufiku
2015-06-09  Mathias Haufiku

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