• December 6th, 2020

Afro pop singer goes solo

When musicians leave a band, especially a good one to pursue a solo career, it can sometimes be the first step to massive success or turn out risky for some. However, for Bones Yamukongo, who was once part of the Rundu-based Afro-pop and kwaito trio Tight Kassie Brothers (TKB), said he is ready to build an empire on his own and that this is just the beginning.

Real name Mukongo Chiccory, Bones joined the music mainstream with his musical group in 2011 but last year, he launched a solo career.
The group, which started with seven members, has come a long way on their musical journey, won accolades and a string of hit tracks.
Despite his departure from the TKB, now comprising Sai and Karasa, Bones clarified that there’s no bad blood among the three cousins.
“I have been part of the team my whole life and they are still my family. Our music remains the same, either solo or in a band,” he explained to Entertainment Now!
Bones Yamukongo’s new journey does not deviate from what he is known for. 
He said he will still stick to his original afro-fusion sound but with a slight mix of rap.

He also revealed he is currently not signed under Chobe Entertainment, TKB’s record label, or any other label – in fact, he plans on having his own.
The vocalist has three music videos out and he’s currently working on an album set to come out late this year.
To his fans, Bones Yamukongo promised a soul album, titled ‘Mr O Ms’; however, he was quite hesitant to disclose more information on it.
“I appreciate my fans’ support; they must keep watching my space and stay tuned for what’s coming,” he said.
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Aletta Shikololo
2020-09-25 12:12:55 | 2 months ago

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