• April 1st, 2020

Air Namibia to scale down on economy class meals for short flights

WINDHOEK - Air Namibia yesterday confirmed that it is scaling down its economy class on-board meal and beverage offerings on all flights of 2.5 hours or less, irrespective of the time of departure or aircraft type. As of this Friday, 22 November, the national airline’s new on-board meal service will consist only of a “dry snack” option with juice, still or sparkling water instead of hot meals previously served.

Meanwhile, alcoholic beverages such as beer, wines and spirits, as well as hot beverages such as tea and coffee, will not be on offer anymore. However, meal service options, along with related beverage offerings currently served in business class, will remain unchanged. Additionally, the service offering on international routes will remain unchanged.   

According to a statement by the airline, the change is necessitated by the need for the airline taking a different approach to ensure that product service levels and related economics of the value chain are matched. 

Air Namibia interim chief executive officer, Xavier Masule, said this is one of the many initiatives Air Namibia is in the process of implementing for revenue enhancement and strategic cost management. 
He added: “As a trendsetter in the region, the move is geared towards making our business operations more financially sustainable and to re-align with today’s realities. The business environment is changing very fast and this has a big impact on the aviation industry globally, requiring airlines to adapt.”   

“Change and transformation are inevitable. This move will ensure sustainability for our national airline, the pride of Namibia and generations to come. What we are introducing is part of industry practices. Therefore, we call on our esteemed passengers and stakeholders to continue supporting Air Namibia,” said Paul Nakawa, manager for corporate communications.   

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2019-11-22 08:33:58 | 4 months ago


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    Louise Nuus

    Rather offer in flight sandwiches and snacks for sale - most other airlines do that.

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