• June 7th, 2020

All hail King Exit...............‘Iimwaku-mwaku’ hitmaker wins Male Artist of the Year and Best Kwaito at Namas

Paheja Siririka

SWAKOPMUND- Outapi’s finest David Shikalepo otherwise known as Exit from Rockaz Entertainment proved people in the industry wrong by winning the Best Kwaito and Male Artist of the year categories at
the Namibian Annual Music Awards held at the Dope in Swakopmund.

Exit was awarded the Best Kwaito for the Imwaku-mwaku lifted from his album The Life Of Kunta Kinte. He said the song refers to Namibian artists who don’t have relevant content in their music. “The
name means gibberish and nonsense and it’s about time we start talking about issues that matter in our music,” saidExit. In the song, he says musicians should not sing nonsense and singing without a certain direction.

This is not the first time Exit is winning a Namas award, previously he has scooped Most Disciplined Artist of the year and the title he just scooped over the weekend, Best Kwaito Artist. 

Exit said that he would also try and be a better man as he is only 30 years old and sometimes makes mistakes. He also invited corporates to work with him as he plans to make a big impact on the music scene with his new reign.

He recently had beef with The Dogg (King Tee Dee) and Gazza, urging them to retire from music as he felt their time in the industry was up.

All we can say is the complaints worked and the hard work has paid off as a cheque in his name is worth N$130 000.00. 
Recognised and awarded… Exit

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2019-09-09 09:21:48 | 8 months ago

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