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Alleged CBD shooter denied bail

2019-06-21  Maria Amakali

Alleged CBD shooter denied bail

WINDHOEK – Former Global Fund employee Simataa Simasiku, 33, accused of killing his former supervisor and injuring his former colleague in January in a fit of rage, was denied bail in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Handing down judgement, Magistrate Vanessa Stanley said a person with such a volatile temperament cannot be allowed back into the community pending the ultimate court verdict. The court further stressed the court has a duty to protect the society from violent persons.

The father of two faces charges of murder and attempted murder for the shooting.  One victim, Sarah Mwilima, 58, was declared dead on the scene, while another victim Ester Nepolo was wounded and is currently still receiving medical treatment. Nepolo is said to be paralysed as a result of the injuries sustained. 
It is alleged that on January 28, Simasiku walked into the offices of Global Fund at City Centre and shot the victims in cold blood. The tragic shooting which shook the nation has been painted by the court as senseless, ruthless and cowardly.

“The effect of this is a picture of an assailant who has uncontrollable violent tendencies, who is capable of seriously injuring and killing persons in cold blood if he is aggrieved,” said the magistrate. 

The court pointed out that Simasiku faces serious charges which are likely to attract a lengthy imprisonment should he be convicted. Furthermore, the State explained it has a strong case against him.  

Simasiku who refused to shed light on what transpired on the date in question, was informed that the absence of his version placed the court in a position in which it could not assess whether he has a justifiable defence. 

During the bail hearing, Simasiku testified that he acted in self-defence when he shot his victims. He further testified he intends on taking a no guilty plea when he stands trial.
Having been denied bail, Simasiku was remanded in custody until his next court appearance on July 16. Magistrate Stanley postponed the matter pending the prosecutor general’s decision.

2019-06-21  Maria Amakali

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