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Amushelelo’s million-dollar toy...talks about levels

2021-04-13  Staff Reporter

Amushelelo’s million-dollar toy...talks about levels

Self-proclaimed forex expert Michael Amushelelo, has taken to social media to show off his new set of wheels.

The entrepreneur is one of the country’s richest young people and his opulent lifestyle often leaves his followers impressed and inspired. Amushelelo posted a series of videos on his Instagram stories collecting his new whip and he was beaming with pride.

The entrepreneur has cooped himself a brand new Range Rover and it looks sexy. He also posted a picture of him posing next to it and captioned the snap, “Billionaire toys. They might not like you but they will respect you because money gives you power and the respect is automated. When you are poor and you have nothing even flies will disrespect you.”

As soon as he flaunted his new whip on social media, a hater dissed him and said he must get a haircut, not letting it slide, Amushelelo put him in his place and asked him how will a haircut enrich him.

In a post recently, he shared some pearls of wisdom with his fans and spoke about how he has always been mistreated and considered unintelligent.

“I have always been underestimated, I have always been misunderstood, I have always been mistreated, I have always been disrespected, I have always been counted out, I have always been taken for a joke, I have always been considered unintelligent, but despite all these, I still find a way to win.”

He encouraged his followers to do what they want to do and keep on pushing hard. “Dear fellow dreamers, I am sure you are facing the same challenges I face, but rest assured that victory is certain if you remain persistent and consistent. Take note the car in the background is mine, I have already made up my mind that I will own it. In this life, you are either the “the hammer or the nail” you decide what you want to be.”

Another one of our faves who recently bought herself a car is brand-influencer Nelaolange Iyambo. The mother of three recently took to social media to flaunt her red set of wheels on Instagram. She posted a picture of her posing in front of her car whilst holding the car keys.

She attributed her achievement to her late mother and father’s blessings, “Mom & Dad left us only to show us that they have actually arrived. Blessings from above,” read the caption.

2021-04-13  Staff Reporter

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