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AN eager to unearth more talent …Swakopmund to host first meeting

2023-01-20  Maurice Kambukwe

AN eager to unearth more talent …Swakopmund to host first meeting

The president of Athletics Namibia, Erwin Naimhwaka, has announced the opening edition of the Coca-Cola Grand Prix will take place in the coastal town of Swakopmund next weekend. 

The competition, which is expected to draw a large number of participants, aims to unearth new talent in the country. 

According to Naimhwaka, athletes from all 14 regions of Namibia will take part in the event.

The competition comes at a crucial time for Namibian athletes, as the country has a loaded calendar of international competitions lined up for this year. 

“We have many international competitions starting in April, such as the youth competition in Lusaka and the Gaborone International Meet in Botswana, which are all bigger events,” said Naimhwaka. 

He added the Grand Prix serves as a valuable opportunity for athletes to book their spots in these larger events. 

“The Gaborone International Meet has now become a gold event, which means a good number of points or time is needed to participate. I believe this event will play a huge role for those athletes with such goals,” he said.

The event will also showcase new technology, as AN will unveil the use of the newly donated Time Tronic Electronic Time System from Debmarine Namibia. 

According to Naimhwaka, this equipment will make the organisation and timing of the competition easier, and it will also allow Namibia to host international events that serve as qualifiers for major competitions, such as the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and Commonwealth Games.

The Coca-Cola Grand Prix is poised to be an exciting and competitive event that will showcase the talent and potential of Namibian athletes. 

As the country looks to make its mark on the international stage, the Grand Prix serves as an important step in the development and discovery of new talent. -

2023-01-20  Maurice Kambukwe

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